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Making a Difference.

The Volaris Group nonprofit vertical is exclusively focused on acquiring, strengthening, and growing nonprofit software companies, helping them to make a true difference in their markets and communities.

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Best practices developed by our 325+ businesses over 20 years

Capital to continue growing your business

Shareholding opportunities in our public company

Security and stability of a large, financially strong organization

Autonomy to continue impact in
your community of your choosing…

Our Growing Portfolio

We are actively looking to expand our presence in the nonprofit sector through strategic opportunities with successful software and technology companies in the nonprofit vertical.

With our parent company, Constellation Software Inc. (TSE: CSU), we have successfully acquired 325+ companies.

Joining Volaris means gaining access to Constellation Software’s vast resources: six operating groups, including Volaris, that operate in 100 vertical markets, 13,000+ employees across the globe, 125,000+ customers in over 100 countries, US$2.1B+ in consolidated revenue, and a rising stock price with a market cap of $16B+.

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“As part of the Volaris family of companies, we can further invest in, and grow, our business. We are now part of a larger network of like-minded organizations dedicated to delivering world-class solutions in very specific and focused industries.”

- Réal Bédard, President of Andar Software



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