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You Are in Good Company

We strengthen and grow software companies that support social good organizations so they can keep making a difference.







“We have a wealth of experience in the social good arena and are primed to share that knowledge with other companies in this industry.

– Jay Hoffman, Group Leader, Volaris Group

Surround yourself with leaders who support your entrepreneurial spirit, share your vision, and allow you the freedom to run your company independently.

Succession planning and selling your business are major decisions – and we’ve been there. Through our successful completion of hundreds of acquisitions and in-depth knowledge of software for social good organizations, Volaris Group is in a unique position to help grow your software company. By choosing to join Volaris, you'll have access to 20+ years of best practices shared by like-minded leaders.

How Volaris Helps Businesses Grow

Selling your Business is a Tough Decision

Start with confidence by downloading our guide to selling your software company. It covers the full M&A process, from initial contact to finalizing the sale, to help you realize the most profit while finding the best forever home for your customers and employees.

Download the guide...

What We Offer

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Maintain Your Autonomy

We respect that you have built a successful business and want to empower you to continue running it autonomously.

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Grow Your Business

As specialist acquirers of companies that supply software for social good organizations, we understand your investment challenges. With the backing of our parent company, Constellation Software Inc., Volaris provides the resources and capital to allow you to continue growing.

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Share Best Practices

Fortify and grow your software company by connecting into Volaris’ network and learning best practices developed by 400+ businesses.

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Take Care of Your Customers

By holding businesses forever, and investing in products and employees, we allow customer needs to be met over the long-term. We maintain stability and continuity for customers throughout the acquisition process.

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Achieve Your Own Professional Goals

Ensure a stable future for your company while making the best choice for yourself. If your desire is to remain with the business, we will work with you to realize your professional goals.

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Nurture Your Employees

One of the ways we help propel your company’s growth is by nurturing your people and encouraging promotion from within. In fact, over 80% of current business leaders at Volaris companies were with their company prior to acquisition.

Are You an M&A Advisor or Investor?

Certainty of Execution

As an organization with ample liquidity, we do not need to raise financing to close transactions. We can do all cash transactions with 90 days to close.

Efficient Closing

As seasoned acquirers, we are able to evaluate a business, complete due diligence, and close with speed and efficiency.

Transparent, Fair and Honest Dialogue

Our Letters of Intent outline the assumptions that we make and provide transparency on what we are looking for during the due diligence process. We are open with you and your client regarding expectations, the process, and the future of their company.

A Secure Future for your Client

When your client finds a home with Volaris, they have a home forever. We invest in our businesses while giving leaders financial capital, expertise, and autonomy to grow the business for the long-term.

The CSI Advantage

Volaris’ parent company, Constellation Software Inc. (CSI), is an international provider of market-leading software and services to several industries in both the public and private sectors.


in total revenues




employee ownership

All figures in $USD from 2021.

Long-Term Investment

CSI has generated significant cash flows and revenue growth over the last several years. This solid financial foundation enables its Operating Groups, like Volaris, to invest in your company and provide you with the resources to grow your business for the long-term.

Global Reach

While remaining independent, you can gain the advantage of connecting your employees and customers to the vast resources of a strong and stable organization.

Financial Backing

As a publicly traded company, CSI is a transparent and reliable financial partner. The financial backing of CSI can help strengthen the credibility of your business, thus benefitting your employees as well as your customers.

Let’s see where we can grow together. If you think Volaris Group could be the right home for your business, we want to meet you. Contact us today.

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